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Hello, we hear you are looking for a training provider that brings impact in productivity and retention. You're in the right place!

We train Women+ in Tech these core skills:

  • Business communication

  • Design thinking

  • Problem solving

  • Strategic planning

  • Empathetic leadership

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Take a leaf out of their book

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Group Course

Upgrading Women provides a 12-week training and mentoring sessions on in-demand skills to a group of your chosen female and minority employees. This is a concrete way to ensure that they are primed to be promoted onto leadership positions as your company scales up.


By the end of the programme, you will be spoilt for choice, with sharp and engaged internal candidates. This makes more business sense than wasting money, energy and time on recruitment costs.

Course options:

  • Diversity, equity, inclusivity

  • Anti bullying, anti harassment

  • Persuasive Presentation 

  • Empathetic leadership

  • Powerful Problem-solving

  • Bulletproof Strategy Mapping

12-week programme


  • Focus group discussion: honest and confidential conversations about real issues of productivity and growth in the workplace

  • Assignments

  • Direct feedback by the instructor

  • Training days 1-3

  • Assignments

  • Direct feedback by the instructor

  • Prototyping the learners' new method of working

WEEKS 9-12
  • 1:1 live mentoring session

  • Focus group discussion: sharing observations about how the new way of work has improved their job satisfaction

£1875 plus VAT per person!

12-week programme

Pressed for time and budget is tight?
We got you!

Just the meat, for the lioness, please!

only at £469 plus VAT per person!

3-hour programme

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That is 75% less than the 12-week programme.

But don't feel like you will miss out too much. Every participant gets access to our Slack group in which follow up Q&A is very much encouraged. You can interact with the coach live yet asynchronously while taking a lunch break, sitting in the train or while your baby is napping. Sshhh.

Motivational Talks

The silver lining of the pandemic has been access to many free talks, courses, webinars and a buffet of podcasts. But to burst your bubble: if something is free, it means YOU are the product. Talks by Upgrading Women are the opposite. You are in charge. You pay for the type of talk that will make you ignore your phone, take a pen and paper, and walk with your head held high and stride with a purpose. This talk will be delivered by our founder, Rebecca Leppard.


Inspiration and awareness

starting from

£799 per hour


Do you run a committee for women, DEI, ESG working group? You are welcome to invite us to provide you with a free webinar in various topics.


  • How to deal with negative audience

  • What to say in a salary negotiation

  • How to argue without being combative

  • When to work alone, when to work together

Free for women+
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Quick fix


Beyond the hashtag

#WomenSupportingWomen may be virtue signalling, but in this space and for every paying client, we allocate funds to subsidise other women who need the support.
Because real queens fix each others' crowns!

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