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Here's 3 eye-opening ways on how to retain women managers!

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

Research shows that companies that employ more female executives are more profitable, socially responsible and customer-centric. Gender-biased companies outperform companies with fewer or no women on their leadership teams, according to McKinsey researchers. Their findings show that companies with the highest gender diversity are 48% more likely to outperform those with the lowest ratings.

Especially in the tech industry, more and more companies are focusing on hiring diversity to attract more female candidates. But for many companies, this change has proven to be very difficult. We often see examples of outdated recruitment strategies that are unconsciously biased towards women. Even the brand's tone of voice can subconsciously discourage women from applying for open positions.

How do you do it correctly?

Well, this article summarises best practises for hiring diversity.

Equal pay for equal work

You say it's hard to find professional women's jobs. That's true, but you may still have a LinkedIn or other social or professional media profile. These women specialists also run blogs and personal websites and often post their resumes on job boards focused on bridging the gender gap. It's also a great place to post information. Find members of a growing number of women-specific technical conferences. Sourcing from women's tech communities and organisations is also worthwhile.

In order to achieve equal pay, it is important for companies to work together. For example, you could publish an annual report on the steps your company is taking to ensure that women and men are paid equally. By sharing these numbers, you can show future female candidates that your company has a transparent diversity policy in place.

Gender-neutral and inclusive tone

A company's brand voice should promote inclusion. So everyone feels welcomed and valued from the first contact.

To ensure that your company's voice is heard inclusively, you can start by ensuring that the images displayed on her website for the company are gender-balanced.

You can also use our special gender decoder to check marketing materials, websites, social posts, and job descriptions to update them and make them sound gender-neutral. The system also likes to avoid words like "excellent," "ambitious," "competitive," and "open-minded." Instead, try using more neutral descriptions such as dedication, hard work, adaptability, and creativity.

It also helps companies encourage female employees to speak up for these positions at meetings, conferences, and on social media.

Representation of women at all management levels

It's hard to be "one" or, worse, "two" on a technical team. Therefore, it is important for some female candidates to be represented within the company in general and during the recruitment process in particular. family-friendly policy

Don't forget to include maternity/parental leave and paid, flexible working, remote or hybrid work, childcare facilities, and other family-friendly benefits in your compensation package. In this way, female applicants know they can grow within the company without choosing between a career and a family.

The guides we've put together will help you take the necessary steps to improve gender diversity and balance your tech team. First look at the state of the female talent pool for the position you're working on. It's easier.

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