Welcome to
the female-focussed
Future of Work

We train your female employees so that your company can benefit from:

Increased productivity

Higher retention

Healthier culture

No more pipelines leaking talented female staff

Hire us to train you as a group with tailored content backed up by case studies that are relevant to you and your industry.

Ask us for a promo code to use your personal development budget and join our e-learning community.

Both options are made with women and minorities in mind.


Equipping your employees with training is a concrete move towards diversity, equity and inclusivity commitments


Group activities that are purposely designed to help increase the productivity of your team members. The positive side effect of this will snowball to your benefit: better communication, better engagement, better retention and better bottom line.



Our highly interactive e-learning platform is not like tedious tutorial videos. We invest in technology and mix it with our own quirkiness to keep you motivated and, more importantly, to get your money’s worth! These are skills that recruiters in all industries look for: business communication, problem solving, strategy and leadership.

Community programmes

We are now a truly global village, so let’s take advantage of this. Join our interactive and cohesive career coaching and counselling community (that’s a lot of Cs!).



But first: freebies!

For as many as we can afford, we invite you to attend our free webinars. These are free not because they are worth nothing but because they are either funded by donors or we are partnering with fellow mission-driven companies. #Womensupportingwomen in the truest sense of the word!


Rest assured, we have the experts


Rebecca Leppard

Lead Facilitator


Ingrid Tedjakumala

Brand Storyteller


Maria Dakova

ADHD Coach


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